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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse can be a difficult topic to talk about. It becomes even more challenging for parents who are wanting to discuss the topic with their children. There are steps that parents can take to help keep children safe, and give them the courage to speak up.  

What Can You Do

  • Learn about child sexual abuse, including how to recognize and respond to signs of abuse.

  • Be involved in your child's day-to-day life. Learn about their activities and the people they are spending time with. 

  • Teach your child how to talk about their bodies. Teach children the accurate names of body parts, and which touches are "okay" and "not okay". 

  • Discourage children from keeping secrets. Educate them on the difference between "secrets" and "surprises."

  • Teach children how to take care of their own bodies (such as bathing or using the bathroom), so that they don't have to rely on an adult or an older child.

  • Monitor children's television, internet, and video usage.

  • Teach your child about boundaries. Encourage them to say "no" when they do not want to touch or be touched by others, no matter who it is.

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