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Forensic Interviewing

A forensic interview is a first step in a child abuse investigation and is a structured conversation with a child, with the intent to obtain important information about events that a child may have experienced or witnessed. The goal is to make the child feel as comfortable as possible while gathering information. Forensic interviewers are trained to ask questions in an open-ended, developmentally appropriate, and non-leading manner. Children can tell their story, in their own words, to a trusted interviewer while other professionals observe on a closed-circuit television system in an observation room. Forensic interviewers receive ongoing training to ensure quality and best practice standards are upheld.  

Medical Examinations

All children seen at Emmy’s House CAC have the right to a medical exam that is conducted by our specially trained pediatric medical providers. The medical exam takes place in a child-friendly examination room, as the child receives a thorough head-to-toe exam. This exam is not invasive or painful. Medical exams are performed to assure that the child is healthy. More importantly, exams help to reassure the child and family that his or her body is okay. Additionally, the exam is also used to assess for and treat STDs and injuries, evaluate for pregnancy, and to document trauma.  



Our victim advocates are essential in guiding and supporting the child and the non-offending caregiver throughout the investigation process. During the forensic interview, the advocate meets with the caregiver to help fill out paperwork, and provide support, information, and referrals if needed. 


Trauma-Focused Therapy

Here at Emmy’s House CAC, we have a trained/certified trauma-focused (TF-CBT) therapist on site to offer services to provide further support for children. All therapy sessions are available at no cost to a child’s family. 


MDT Case Review

Case review is a formal process that enables the multidisciplinary team (MDT) to monitor and assess its effectiveness, to ensure that children and their families are safe and taken care of. During this process, members collaborate and take accountabiltiy to help make certain that children's needs are met effectively and in a timely manner. 

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